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WALY is built on providing true friendship, emotional connection, and financial support, woman to woman with direct contact, from your hand to theirs. That is the WALYfamily program. We connect women, and let them lead with love and nurture, as women and mothers naturally do.
We have several other programs that will supplement the WALYfamily program. They include the WALYjobs program, which allows refugees to give back in various ways, as they earn money to support their families. Many of our translators are a part of this program. Other programs will connect medical and education resources to those in dire need. We will keep you informed as we are ready to roll out these programs for our WALYmoms and their families.

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Then we help refugees to rebuild their lives by Providing:


WALY connects those in war torn areas with people around the world. Through these relationships we are able to connect what refugees need with the resources available in their area.


Through the WALYfamily program, we provide ongoing financial support directly to those who need it the most, as they go through the process of finding a stable new home and rebuilding their lives.


Once the time of crisis has passed, WALY provides micro-jobs to refugees, utilizing their talents and giving them the ability to provide for their families and give back to their communities.


About WALY

WALY.org is an organization that builds connections between women and mothers in the West and refugees in war torn countries, who would otherwise be unreachable and alone.

We enable mothers to connect through the language of motherhood and comfort, by removing the barriers of language, distance, culture, and economics. Through these connections, we're able to unite across the globe, and provide a safe place for women to communicate and build each other up.

We also facilitate a secure way to provide financial support to these refugees, providing direct aid to women and their families that have been displaced by war, and are typically struggling to find support.