The WALY Way

WALY enables women to connect and empower each other, by removing the barriers of language, distance, culture, and economics. Through these connections, they are able to unite across the globe in friendship, service, community, and love.


Clare McKinnon

Meeting and getting to know my WALYfamily has been a very powerful experience. My daughter colors pictures for the family (a mother and 4 children who escaped Syria and are living in Turkey) and they color pictures and send them back. I’m so thankful to be involved with such an incredible organization and hope to be involved for many years to come.


Participating in the WALY organization has allowed me to feel like I’m making a difference for refugees in the deepest and most meaningful way - heart to heart. I’ve been changed as much as anyone in this process.

Crystal Cooper

I am so happy to say WALY just linked me with a new family in Turkey to sponsor. It’s such a great thing to be helping someone clear across the world who has no help. My WALYfamily is a mother, who is 30 years old, and her 5 kids. I have gotten some pictures and I started crying the moment I saw them. This team is incredible, and I am so thankful. Adam Steed thank you so much for finding me at the airport that day, and helping me see what little things I can do to change the world.


WALY was formed when our founder went to see what one person could accomplish in the Syrian Refugee Crisis. After some time, and many life-changing experiences, he met man who, tired of hearing his people referred to as ‘refugees’, said, “We are not ‘Refugees’, we are people. We are like you.” Just like that, WALY was given a name, and soon thereafter, it was given breath, as the WALY way was created, refined, and spread through the refugee camp and on for us now to take part in. WALY’s founder felt it very important that women take up the work, and create an organization of women, for women, that has the power to overcome obstacles in ways that politicians and world leaders still have not been able to produce.
WALY has discovered how to reach the world, and simultaneously be completely transparent with the flow of money to the refugees, to the translators and micro-job workers, and in paying the costs that naturally occur with creating and maintaining WALY the organization. It’s simple, as each donor decides where every penny of their donation goes, and each penny can be accounted for. We believe we have something unique in that aspect alone.
WALY facilitates a secure way to provide financial support to these refugees, providing direct aid to women and their families that have been displaced by war, and are struggling to find support. WALY team members feel empowered to change the world by truly bringing people together. We are reinventing the way people who want to help those in dire situations, are able to.
WALY intends to help the masses, not by collecting and distributing food and supplies, but by giving more than just that to those involved. As an example, when a woman in California is touched by the plight of women in Syria, we connect both women, and they form a friendship where love and support flourishes. The woman in California becomes the personal sponsor of the woman from Syria, and they speak to each other frequently, and know each other. The woman from Syria can say when her children need clothes, or there is no money for food, and the woman in California can then give, to alleviate their needs. This is how individual WALYmoms become WALYfamilies. There are limits to what the sponsoring WALYmom may give, and it is for the safety and ultimate benefit of the sponsored family. WALY has watched many relationships form and grow, and is for those who (instead of giving a gift of money or supplies to an organization that does everything) want to form lifelong friendships, of specific and meaningful support. WALY provides a translator for each relationship so that the barriers of language are obsolete, and the women are able to grow in trust and friendship together.
Here at WALY, we are familiar with the desire to help coupled with the inability to leave the duties of daily life. We also hear uncertainty in whether other charity organizations are getting the right kinds of help to those who really need it. Get a WALY family and do both, successfully. The WALY way of providing social and financial support is so simple, and so needed for families who have lost everything. We are having a lot of success in our efforts to unite the world for good, and there is so much more love to share. We are looking for people who want to change the world, one family at a time. It's easy, life changing, and world changing. We invite you to join us.
Our vision is to see WALY become a worldwide organization that reaches out wherever there is conflict in the world. We want to eventually see WALY at work between people in the same countries, unifying women in ways we have never before seen. We are women, passionate about creating a world where love and friendship stop what has divided people throughout all of history. Our goal is to truly change the world in a meaningful way.

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We know it's easy to feel helpless as you see these crises occur, and now you can make a real difference while it’s happening, and long after.